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1. Choice of the articles

   Moving on the catalogue`s branches, You choose articles You need.

2. Addition to the card

   Choosing the article you need, click on the button for description of the article.

3. Preserve action in the cart.

   After clicking on the button, window will be opened with photo and size of the article.
Init mention quantity of the article added to the cart and click button. Article will be added to the cart, the window will be closed

4. Editing of the cart, beginning of the order

   You can fill the cart with articles; you wanted to have, click the remark "Order".

   Page "Replacing of the order" will be opened. On the top of page content of the cart will be opened. Near every cart there is remark "To delete", you can use for moving off.The articles from the cart you can come back to the catalogue add articles to the cart.

5. Ordering

   Of you are satisfied with the content of the cart in p.4 replace the order. Below it there is form for delivering the order. If you are registered on the site is information filled during the registration. If you are registered, but didn't enter with username and password, does it now the system will remember you, order will be written on your name, and you can receive reduction on your site.

   So, you must fill all the fields of the form of replaying of the order and click the button .

6. Paying form.

   We propose You 3 forms of paying for order made in our shop:

Payment in the cash:
   You can pay your order in the cash receiving it. A given form of payment is possible in condition of delivery order on the of Armenia by express service

Bank remittance:
   Using bank remittance you will receive account payment, which you can pay in your bank. You must do it not later than 5 bank days since receiving of the account.    In the case if payment won't be done in 5 bank days, the order will be automatically canceled and you'll have to repeat payment by credit card.

Payment by credit card:
   Our shop receives the following credit cards for payment:

   Unfortunately our shop doesn't accept Visa Electron, Cirrus/Maestro, Visa Plus cards, because these cards aren't intended for internet payment. Though in present time, some banks make issue of special cards electron having codes CVC2 and CVV2 which can be used for payment of the orders in internet. In Your own bank you can have information about it in details.
  • Choosing payment with the help of credit card paying on the order is done immedealy after its forming. After appearing information on the monitor about successful replacement of the order you must click the button "to pay by credit card", after it window of site of the system of electronically payment 2CheckUot with turned coding site of will be opened, where you'll be offered to input your credit card's data. After finishing the procedure of card identification return to

   If paying system will confirm your payment on the credit card your order will automatically receive status "Forming".

Transaction security:
   For payment of the order you must input your credit card data on the site of payment system. Transmission of this information is done with keeping all the limits of security (SSL 3.0)

7. Check Out

   At present fulfill express delivery of the articles chosen by you in Armenia on the following work day after acceptation of the order. After receiving your order in work day, manager of your shop will get in touch with you in a 2 work hours for confirming your order and discuss convenient time of delivery.

   During the payment of the order by credit card, and giving the purchase, post messenger will ask you to show card passport and sign on the copy of cash cheque.

   You can discuss all the question of delivery on e-mail: or by phone: (+37491)575890 (on the working days from 10 to 18 hours) with the shop manager.

8.Returning of the order

   Receiving the order attentively check up its quantity and quality.

In the case, if:
  • you received the article you didn't order,
  • you discovered spoiled article in the order,
  • received order in not completed,
   write an e-mail at or phone on number (+37491)575890. Our manager will phone you and propose you suitable variant of solving this problem.

9. Returning of money by credit cards

   Canceling any points of the order (or canceling the order itself), after paying on credit card, for returning money you must sent letter about it on e-mail: Return of money is done only on the credit card of the client.

Guarantee and service

   All the articles, presented for the sale on the given site, have producer's guarantee.
   In the case if customer receives the article with non-observance of condition of the order about the quantity assortment, or packing of the article or discovering infringement of the quality during 30 days, customer must inform the shop-assistant about these non-observances. In pointed period you can make your complaints.
   Which will be discussed and satisfy due to norms of current order.
   On our network server we gather combination of ip addresses - name of domains of all the users, visited our site. Mails of the persons, sending us announcement, information about what pages users have access or what pages visit, individual information voluntary presented to us.
   By our users as for example common or personal information needed for a registration on the site, fulfilling the others and so on.
   The information we receive we use only in "" and only for improving service of the visitors of the site. Only "" and you have access to this information. It will never be given to the other persons. More over, "" arranges everything for protecting your information. In any time you can change or delete your data, sending us e-mail announcement on

About delivery

   In the territory of Armenia delivery is free of charge. Time of delivery in Armenia is usually one work day. Delivery is fulfilled on the days from 10.00 to 18.00.
   Payments of delivery in every part of the world are defined automatically by program by your using one the ways of delivery pointed on the forms of the order. For counting time of receiving of the article one must add to term of the sending which is depended on the presents of the given article in our store (if we have it - usually one working day , if we haven't it one or two weeks ).
   Term of delivery defined by the customer. In any case time of delivery is no more than 2-3 weeks. Thus, you can receive ordered article by address, differing from your address.
   By bank remittance sending of the article is done after receiving of the money on the account we mentioned on the payment ((see blank "Payment, bank remittance ").
   Paying by bank card payment is fulfilled due the payment system 2Checkout and delivery is done after we send information of the bank card.


   All the prices are mentioned in USA dollars $ or in EU depended on your choice on our site and include taxes too.

   As the way of the payment for the article you can use cash by delivery:
  • This way of the payment is possible if the address of delivery is in Armenia. Article will be delivered on the cash payment by the messenger to whom you will pay the sum of the order receiving it.
  • Bank remittance. Using this way of the payment you will receive account to the payment, which you can pay in our own bank you must do it not later than 5 bank days since the moment of receiving the account. In the case if the payment won't be done in 5 bank days order will be automatically cancelled and you will have to repeat it.
  • Credit card Using this way of payment our site readdress you on payment system page 2Checkout: where In protected mode SSL you can input attributes of your bank card. Security of the given operation is certificated by the international system Verisign".
   To the attention of the owners of Visa cards, Eurocard, MasterCard!
   In the connection with strengthening the struggle with swindle in international payment systems Since April transactions on the card Visa, EuroCard and MasterCard without filling the fields intended for mentioning CW2 (CVC2) information of payment systems won't be accessed to the working out.
   CVV2 - is a unique control figure, pointed on the back side of the card after its number.

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